The King County Flood Control District is a special purpose government created to provide funding and policy oversight for flood protection projects and programs in King County.

King County Flood Control District

King County Flood Control District Approves Grants for Flood Prevention Projects
Regional projects to benefit from district funds

The King County Flood Control District today gave its unanimous approval to regional grants aimed at reducing the impacts of local flooding. The funds are from a grant program that focuses on both flood prevention and flood mitigation.

"I am pleased to announce the approval of grants approved that will secure the safety and wellbeing of our area’s residents in times of increased strain to the local flood prevention system,” said Flood District Chair Reagan Dunn. "These grants will provide funding for multiple modest sized projects across the county which will benefit neighborhoods, schools, and tribes alike and will serve to quell urban flooding issues before they arise.”

"These grants are a reminder that flooding and flood prevention is a regional issue,” said Flood District Vice Chair Larry Gossett. "There are a number of projects aimed at easing problems in urban neighborhoods, communities many don’t think of as  ‘flood areas,’ but are impacted by winter storms as heavily as any rural area.”

The grant program, which was created in 2014, targets flood reduction projects throughout King County.  A total of $2.8 million in grants were available for 2015, with the funds being awarded on a competitive basis by the Flood Control District.  Eligible applicants included homeowner associations, private non-profit organizations or associations, schools, special districts, tribes and King County jurisdictions. Funded projects must be completed within 36 months of receiving funds.

More information about grant recipients.

For assistance during a flood event call 206-296-4535 / 800-768-7932.

If it is an emergency, call 911.

King County has experienced 12 federally declared flood disasters since 1990. Flooding affects every citizen in King County: Tens of thousands of King County residents commute through, live and work in, or own businesses in floodplains. Flooding poses significant threats to public health and safety, transportation corridors and economic activities throughout King County. Learn more about flooding services and information.

Protecting citizens and property from injury and damage by natural disasters is a fundamental role of government. In 2007, the King County Flood Control District was established to provide a proactive, regional approach to flooding as well as funding to improve the county's nearly 500 aging and inadequate flood protection facilities.

Funding for the Flood Control District comes from a county-wide property levy of 10 cents per $1,000 assessed value. This amounts to $40 per year on a $400,000 home. The levy raises roughly $36 million a year. This funding dramatically increases the number of projects that can be completed each year. The additional local funding also enhances King County's ability to receive federal and state matching funds.

All nine members of the King County Council oversee the Flood Control District as a Board of Supervisors. A 15-member Advisory Committee made up of local government officials and citizens provides advice to the board. The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks carries out the approved flood protection projects and programs.

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